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There are many ways to stay connected with Harrington!




Harrington School Website:

Harrington PTA Website:

social media

Harrington PTA is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Like us or follow us on your favorite social network to keep up with Harrington PTA news.




Instagram: @Harrington_PTA  

Twitter: @Harrington_PTA 


Like Facebook Pages:

Harrington Huskies

Harrington PTA


Join Facebook Groups:

All Grades: Harrington Parents' Group

Kindergarten: Harrington Class of 2033 Parents

1st Grade: Harrington 1st Grade Parents

2nd Grade: Harrington 2nd Grade 2020-2021

3rd Grade: Harrington 3rd Grade (Class of 2030)

4th Grade: Harrington Class of 2029 Moms

5th Grade: Harrington 5th Grade Parents (Class of 2028)


*These Facebook groups were created by parents and are not affiliated or monitored by the school or PTA.

school messenger

PISD automatically notifies parents and guardians based on the phone number and email provided on the school registration form.


In order to configure communication preferences, each person must first create an account on the School Messenger website ( or mobile app available on the Apple or Google Play Store. The email address used to sign-up for School Messenger must match the email address provided on the student's emergency card. 


For more information, visit

Subscribe to calendars

Stay up-to-date on important dates and events by subscribing to the school calendar.





Follow these steps to subscribe to the Harrington Calendar:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on your name at the very top of the screen
  3. Click on the "Subscriptions" tab
  4. Click "Subscribe" next to the calendar you would like to add to your personal calendar  

Visit for more details.


Important Upcoming Dates and Events

Stay up-to-date on important school and PTA events by clicking here to subscribe to the Harrington calendar. This will automatically sync events to your personal calendar on your mobile device or computer.


Become a PTA Member


Join the PTA on the Online Forms page today!



PISD Volunteer Application



Go to Voly to complete your volunteer application. Visit the volunteer website for more information about the approval process.


Each year (beginning July 1st), individuals must submit an application in order to volunteer at PISD. Applications take several days to process and all requirements must be approved prior to volunteering.


For volunteer opportunities or questions, visit our Volunteer page or email


Stay Connected


Instagram: @Harrington_PTA


Facebook (PTA): HarringtonPTA

Facebook (School): harringtonhuskies



 Twitter: Harrington_PTA 



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