PTA Executive Board/Officers/Chairs

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President Ashley Daniels
Treasurer Julie Kawamura
Secretary Nicole Tift
Parliamentarian Laura Retta
VP Communications Krista Benson
VP Ways and Means Shayla Holub
VP Programs Angelica Loredo
VP Volunteers Yeting Huang
VP Membership Shelby Cleveland

Council Delegate Kristie Cohen
Hospitality Chair Lauren Mayora
Faculty Representative

Molly Davis 

Principal Jacye Jamar


PTA Chairs & Coordinators

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Arts in Education Angelica Loredo
Cultural Diversity N/A
Healthy Huskies N/A
Watch DOGS Corinne Dias
After Class Education Joan Patrick
Book Fair Emily Robinson
Culture Night Josi Kelley
Fall/Spring Fundraisers Shayla Holub
Field Day N/A
Husky Pups Jamie Illian
Webmaster Krista Benson
Social Media Krista Benson
Yearbook Josi Kelley
Spirit Nights Silvana Best
School Supplies Beth Pritchett
Spirit Wear Jamie Illian
Kindergarten N/A
1st Grade N/A
2nd Grade N/A
3rd Grade N/A
4th Grade N/A
5th Grade N/A

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