Volunteers Needed for Class Parties

We are so happy to be able to have class parties again!


Please go to the Online Forms page to sign-up to help with class parties this year. 



NexTrex Plastic Film Recycle

Most commonly accepted items for NexTrex recycling are:

Grocery and produce bags
Bread bags, Cereal box liners, Ice bags
Ziplock and other types of resealable food storage bags
Air pillows, Bubble wrap, Plastic shipping envelopes
Case overwrap, Pallet wrap, Product wrap, Stretch film (e.g. wrap on a large case of water bottles, paper towels, or electronics)
Dry cleaning bags, Retail shopping bags, Newspaper sleeves
Plastic films labeled with #2 or #4 recycling symbol
Wood pellet bags, Salt bags

Here is a more comprehensive list of acceptable plastic film items and also items that are NOT accepted: https://recycle.trex.com/view/educate#materials1

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PTA General Meeting Minutes

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Birthday Books and Marquee Messages

Big pictureOrder Birthday Books ($15) and Birthday Marquee Messages ($50) under Online Forms.


Birthday books are books donated to the library in honor of a student's birthday. The birthday book student picks out the book and it is then presented to them on their birthday during the morning broadcast. They are the first to check it out and when they return it to the library others can enjoy it


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Each year, individuals must submit an application in order to volunteer at PISD. Applications can take up to 2 weeks to process and must be approved prior to volunteering. 


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