Harrington Lunch Times

   11:00 - 11:30 1st Grade
   11:15 - 11:45 Kindergarten
   11:40 - 12:10 5th grade 
   12:00 - 12:30 3rd grade
   12:15 - 12:45 4th grade
   12:30 - 1:00   2nd grade

free breakfast and lunch for all pisd students

Plano ISD applied for and was granted a waiver from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) providing free meals for all Plano ISD students, whether enrolled in either Face-to-Face or School@Home. This is effective September 14, 2020, through December 31, 2020, or while USDA funds are available. Please read additional information below and visit www.pisd.edu/grabandgo for details.

Meal Service for PISD Face-to-Face Students

Due to a waiver issued from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), effective September 14, 2020, all Plano ISD Face-to-Face students will receive free breakfast and lunch meals through December 31, 2020, or while USDA funds are available.  

Plano ISD Face-to-Face students will have the opportunity to purchase a la carte snacks and drinks during meal service.  

Curbside Meal Bundles for PISD School@Home Students

Due to a waiver issued from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), effective September 15, 2020, all Plano ISD School@Home students will receive free breakfast and lunch meal bundles through December 31, 2020, or while USDA funds are available.  


Weekly meal bundles will be provided on Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Clark HS, Shepton HS, and Williams HS.  Starting, September 22, meal bundles will also be available at McMillen HS and Vines HS. Meal bundles will consist of five breakfasts and five lunches.  

*Anyone picking up meals for students without the student present must bring appropriate documentation in the form of a school issued ID, report card, parent portal attendance summary form or birth certificate.

Meal Pricing and Payment

Plano ISD is using a new online payment system, Rycor. In an effort to reduce time, money and paper waste, and during this time of remote instruction, parents can pay their children’s school and lunch fees through a secure online website, https://www.studentquickpay.com/PISD


If you are a parent with multiple children at multiple schools, they will all appear together under your online payment parent account where parents can view assessed fees, see outstanding balances and pay for all of their children in a single transaction. Payments can be made by Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, American Express, Discover and ACH Electronic Check. 


Please note that there is a small convenience charge for using this system put in place to offset some of the costs of offering this service. For general information about fees, please contact your child’s school.

As a Plano ISD parent, you have the option to pay a number of mandatory and elective school fees online, as well as make payments to student lunch accounts. Our new online payment system is an easy and secure way to pay school fees from the comfort of your home or office. 


The Plano ISD online payment system allows you to pay for:

  • Fare busing

  • Athletic fees

  • Activity fees

  • Course fees

  • Yearbook

  • Extracurricular fees

  • Field trip fees

You can use the Plano ISD online payment system to:

  • Add money to lunch accounts

  • Pay selected school fees

  • Make fee payments for all students in your family at one time

  • View your payment history

  • View all your upcoming fee payments in one place

  • Print payment receipts

  • Print tax receipts

  • Print student account statements

Advantages to using the Plano ISD online payment system:

  • Accepts credit cards and e-checks

  • Provides a convenient and secure transaction

  • Available 24 hours a day

  • Convenience of paying multiple fees in one place

  • Accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection

  • Saves school office staff the time of manually keying payments into accounting and student fee information systems

  • Streamlines fee management and collection processes for parents and the district

  • Provides better fee reporting at the school and district level


To apply for Free or Reduced Priced School Meals click here.

Food and Nutritional Services

The child nutrition breakfast and lunch program is designed to provide nutritious meals for growing children in our elementary (K - 5) and secondary (6th-12th) schools. Questions may be directed to Food and Nutritional Services Campus Managers. The National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program have been going through major changes. More grains, fruits and vegetables have been added to your child's lunch and breakfast menus at schools.


MyPlate is the current nutrition guide published by the United States Department of Agriculture, depicting a place setting with a plate and glass divided into five food groups. It replaced the USDA's MyPyramid guide on June 2, 2011, ending 19 years of USDA food pyramid diagrams. MyPlate will be displayed on food packaging and used in nutrition education in the United States. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).


By clicking on the ChooseMyPlate.gov image, you can keep current with information about nutrition for school meals and for your family!

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