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All persons listed as a parent or guardian are now receiving calls on all numbers by default. This was a design change done to allow parents complete control over how they are notified. You can change where you receive these messages by using the PISD-approved vendor School Messenger InfoCenter via their website or app.


Each parent or guardian can go to SchoolMessenger InfoCenter ( ) and select how they want to be contacted. There is a link, when you visit the page for the first time, to create a new login using your email address. Once logged in, you’ll be able to specify exactly how your phone numbers and email addresses are used. Each parent or guardian will need to create their own login to control how they are contacted.


The email address you'll use for the InfoCenter is the same email address you provided on your child's emergency card. Each parent should have their own email address listed.


SchoolMessenger also has iPhone and Android apps available using the same login you create that can utilize the phone's notification systems.


For more information, visit .

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