Faculty Favorites

We love our staff! Please join us in pampering them occasionally with some of their favorite things. We hope this list will come in handy when shopping for gifts during the holiday season, Teacher Appreciation Week, end of the school year, birthdays, or even just a random thank you!


Please note: this list will be updated as new responses are received.


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Amy Lopez

Birthday:  January 30

Restaurants:  Schlotsky's, Jason's Deli, La Madeleines

Shopping:  Amazon, Michaels, Macy's

Sweets:  Chocolates, brownies, Snickers, Butterfingers

Salty:  Pretzels, peanuts

Beverages:  Diet 7-up, Coke Zero, root beer, Starbucks

Colors:  purple

Scents:  cinnamon and vanilla

Flowers:  All!

Hobbies:  Read, spend time with family and friends, ride my bike, play games

Supplies:  Colorful Pilot ink pens, Bic mechanical pencils 0.9mm lead, cute notepads, stickers, Duplo Legos (plain-nothing printed on them)

Wish list:  I love handmade gifts, notes and cards from my students. Priceless! I love earrings; especially fun and seasonal ones! I like fun socks too!


Barbara Hess

Birthday: December 14

Restaurants:  Chuys, Pei Wei, Bavarian Grill

Shopping:  Target, US Toys, Central Market

Sweets:  Reese's peanut butter cups

Salty:  party mix

Beverages:  coffee with cream and sugar, iced tea (unsweetened)

Colors:  green and yellow

Scents:  any

Teams:  Green Bay Packers and Cowboys

Flowers:  Daisy

Hobbies: Read with wine

Supplies:  Expo Markers fat and thin

Wish list:  jewelry


Martha Preston

Birthday: June 21

Restaurants:  Chuy's, Pei Wei, Texas Land & Cattle

Shopping:  Target, Amazon, Loft

Sweets:  dark chocolate almonds, peppermints, strawberry twizzlers

Salty:  pita chips, popcorn

Beverages:  coffee, iced tea, Sonic strawberry frozen lemonade

Colors:  greens and blues

Scents:  "clean" - beach, linen, cotten, etc

Teams:  Texas Rangers, Texas A&M Aggies

Flowers:  ivy

Hobbies: sports, hiking, netflix

Supplies:  alphabet pasta (dry), small dish rags to use for dry erase boards, post-it notes, sharpies

Wish list: I love drawings and notes from kids!


Liz Bender

Birthday: September 2
Restaurants: Mi Cocina, Pei Wei
Shopping: Nordstrom Rack, Macy's, Amazon
Sweets:Chocolate Chip Cookies
Salty: Popcorn
Beverages: Diet Dr. Pepper
Colors: Yellow
Scents: Lavender, Vanilla
Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Plano Wildcats!
Flowers: Tulips
Hobbies: Going to the movies, Reading
Supplies: Sharpies

first grade

Linda Westenhiser

Birthday:  April 5

Restaurants:  Gloria's, Sonic

Shopping:  Target

Sweets:  strawberry Twizzlers, chocolate

Salty:  pretzels, Cheez-Its

Beverages:  Diet Coke

Colors:  all colors

Scents:  flowery, beachy

Teams:  FC Dallas

Flowers:  I LOVE all flowers and plants!

Hobbies:  read, garden, hike, travel, beach

Supplies:  colored pens, cool stickers, games for indoor recess, Legos


Chia Ming Wu

Birthday: Nov. 1

Restaurants:  Olive Garden

Shopping:  Target

Sweets:  Ice Breakers DUO Strawberry

Salty:  pop corn

Beverages:  coke zero

Colors:  purple

Scents:  fruity

Teams:  Mavericks

Flowers: Rose

Hobbies: children's books

Supplies:  gel pen, treasure box items

Wish list:  flowers


Linda Culbreth

Birthday:  Sept. 27

Restaurants:  Gloria's

Shopping:  Macy's, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Sweets:  chocolate

Salty:  BBQ chips

Beverages:  Starbucks vanilla latte

Colors:  blue and greens

Scents:  lavender

Teams:  Cowboy

Flowers:  tulips

Hobbies:  coloring, weaving yarn, snow globes

Wish List:  new sharpeners, new board games for indoor recess, students folders, pencils and other supplies, Bic multicolor pens



2nd grade

Ann Boles

Birthday:  February 5

Restaurants:  Chuy's, El Norte, Sonic

Shopping:  Ann Taylor Loft, Gap, Old Navy, Plano Nail Bar

Sweets:  peanut M&Ms, dark chocolate with nuts

Salty:  homemade Chex mix, Cool Ranch Doritos

Beverages:  Sonic unsweet iced tea with lemon, pinot grigio

Colors:  yellow

Scents:  anything but pine or cinnamon

Teams:  St. Louis Cardinals, Texas A&M Aggies

Flowers:  tulips, hydrangeas

Hobbies:  read, cook, entertain, bake, tv (I do not like movies or crafts)

Wish List:  office supplies of any kind-clipboards, stickies, Sharpies, colored pens, smelly markers


Renea Miller

Birthday:  April 5

Restaurants:  Subway, Jersey Mike's, Chili's

Shopping:  Gap, Macy's

Sweets:  chocolate covered almonds

Salty:  popcorn, assorted nuts

Beverages:  Diet Coke

Colors:  purple

Teams:  Dallas Stars

Hobbies:  bowling, aerobics

Supplies:  fine tip colored pens and markers 


Hallie Tang 

Birthday: October 21

Restaurants:  Chick Fil A and La Madeline

Shopping:  Target, TJ Maxx, and Hobby Lobby

Sweets:  Twix, Kit Kat, and Dark Chocolate

Salty:  Honey Roasted Nuts, Hot Cheetos, and Cheese Itz

Beverages:  Starbucks, Sweet tea, Dr. Pepper

Colors:  Pink, Aqua, and Maroon

Scents:  Fruity Scents

Teams:  Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers

Flowers:  Peonies and Orchids

Hobbies: Play with my dog

Supplies:  Colored pens, notepads/post-it notes, anything that matches my room color (coral & aqua blue)


Lauren Schwartz


3rd grade

Sarah Clopton

Birthday: August 23
Restaurants: Taverna Rossa, BJs, Chuys, Mi Cocina
Shopping: Target
Sweets: peanut butter pretzels
Salty: Cheese crackers
Beverages: Coke Zero
Colors: purple, pink
Hobbies: movies
Supplies: many different color pens


Ashley Holmes 

Birthday: July 16

Restaurants:  Gloria's, Chick Fila

Shopping:  Target, Old Navy, Half Price Books

Sweets:  Chocolate Gum Jolly ranchers

Salty:  Goldfish

Beverages:  Coke Zero, La Crox

Colors:  Gray, teal

Teams:  Texas Rangers

Flowers:  All flowers!

Hobbies:  Read, Baseball, Movies

Supplies:  Sharpie pens, Colorful pens


Sandy Wang

Birthday:  July 26

Shopping:  Wal-mart, Target

Sweets:  Kit Kat, Twix

Salty:  Chex Mix

Beverages:  unsweet iced tea

Colors:  blue

Scents:  lavender

Teams:  Mavericks

Supplies:  sanitizers, baby wipes, sticky notes


Courtney Komar

Birthday:  January 3

Restaurants:  Gloria's, PF Chang's, Panera

Shopping:  Target, US Toys, Bath & Body Works, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Wal-mart

Sweets:  Lifesavers Wint-o Green, Andes Mints

Salty:  white cheddar popcorn

Beverages:  flavored water

Colors:  EVERY!

Scents:  sandalwood, peppermint, balsam

Teams:  Rangers, Stars

Flowers:  plumeria, iris, lily, poinsettia, tulip

Hobbies:  crafts, reading, refurbishing furniture

Wish List:  lamp, felt tip pens, thin sharpies, sticky notes

4th grade

Aretha Lafayette

Birthday:  October 21

Restaurants:  Razzoo's, Olive Garden, Chili's

Shopping:  Target, Home Goods, Barnes & Noble

Sweets:  Pay Day, Extra Sweet Watermelon, and cookies!

Salty:  almonds, cashews, Cheez-Its

Beverages:  Dr. Pepper, Caramel macchiato, lemon berry slush

Colors:  pink, purple, and all shades of blue

Scents:  berry

Teams:  Cowboys and Razorbacks

Flowers:  ivy, lilies

Hobbies:  fish, travel and do crafts

Supplies:  blue pens, anything colorful


Meagan Childress

Birthday:  December 29th

Restaurants:  Cheesecake Factory, Whataburger, Christina's, Pei Wei

Shopping:  Target, Gap

Sweets:  chocolate, cookies, brownies

Salty:  popcorn, trail mix, pretzels

Beverages:  vanilla lattes, coffee of any kind, Dr. Pepper

Colors:  turquoise and purple

Scents:  cinnamon or vanilla

Teams:  Auburn Tigers

Flowers:  sunflowers, tulips

Hobbies:  reading, watching movies, hiking

Supplies:  Sharpies

Wish List:  storage crates, more chapter books for the class library


Lana Motley

Birthday: April 5

Restaurants:  chick fil a anything Mexican

Shopping:  Target, Ann Taylor Loft

Sweets:  gum, mints

Salty:  BBQ chips

Beverages:  unsweetened ice tea

Colors:  blue

Scents:  Cinnamon

Teams:  basketball

Flowers:  I kill everything:(

Hobbies: movies, read

Supplies:  smelly markers

Wish list:  4th grade chapter books

5th grade 

Sharmeen Rahman 

Birthday: June 28

Restaurants:  La Madeleine, Chilis, Buca di Beppos, or anything! I love food. lol

Shopping:  Sephora,Ulta, Forever 21, Papaya, and Charlotte Russe.

Sweets:  pure milk chocolate and chewy chocolate chip cookies

Salty:  Chive and Onion Potato Chips

Beverages:  cream soda

Colors:  red, black,and pinks

Scents:  sweet pea or vanilla

Teams:  NY Yankees, Giants, and Knicks

Flowers:  Roses

Hobbies: Listen to music, online shopping, and reading

Supplies:  jumbo expo markers, tape, sharpies, colored pens, Velcro 


Martha Teague

Birthday: April 30

Restaurants:  Mexican food

Shopping:  Ross, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Homegoods, etc.

Sweets:  Skittles, minty gum

Salty:  Cheezits, nacho Cheese Doritos, Cheese popcorn

Beverages:  Coke Zero, Unsweet tea

Colors:  Aggie Maroon

Scents:  Fresh and Clean

Teams:  Plano Wildcats, Texas A&M Aggies, Mavericks, Cowboys, Rangers

Flowers:  Plants and flowers that I can plant in my garden

Hobbies: Gardening, home improvement, travel, fitness

Supplies:  Inkjoy colored pens, white board markers

Wish list:  Whiteboard markers Pencils Colored "click" inkpens Stickers, Fun silver jewelry


Toni Small

Birthday: April 25

Restaurants:  Olive Garden, Outback

Shopping:  Target, Old Navy, Plato's Closet

Sweets:  CHOCOLATE! 

Salty:  Cashews

Beverages:  Dr. Pepper

Colors:  Pink/Purple

Scents:  Cinnamon/Vanilla

Teams:  Dallas Cowboys

Flowers:  Daisy/Peace Lily

Hobbies: Camping, Reading, Humingbirds

Supplies:  Sharpies, Post it Notes, Gel Pens, BOOKS!!!


specials & staff

Steve O'Kelly, PE Teacher
Birthday:  July 28

Restaurants:  BJ's

Shopping:  amazon.com

Sweets:  Skiddles

Salty:  Peanuts

Beverages:  Water, Root beer

Colors:  Blue

Teams:  Cowboys, Mavericks

Hobbies: Golf

Supplies:  Gatorskin balls

Wish list:  Tickets to theatre, sports


Scott Herndon, Art Teacher

Birthday: Oct 24

Restaurants:  Chipotle  

Sweets:  Sweet Tarts

Beverages:  Coke/Vanilla Coke / cherry 7up/ Starbucks 

Colors:  orange

Supplies:  Sharpie!!! Extra fine point!! 


Valerie Bailey, K-5 Music Specialist

Classroom: Black White Board Markers
Birthday: November 4
Restaurants: True Food, Hop Doddy, Chic-Fil-A, Torchy's, Bread Zeplins, etc.
Shopping: Whole Foods, Sprouts, Amazon,
Sweets: Annie's Certified Organic Fruit Snacks, Twizzlers
Salty: Cracked Black Pepper Triscuits
Beverages: Essentia Water, Lemonade
Colors: Black and White
Scents: Clean, Fresh Scents
Teams: None
Flowers: Any Green Plant
Hobbies: Read, DIYing (painting furniture, arm knitting, etc.)
Supplies: Sticky Notes, Spiral Notebooks
WishList: Artisan Soaps


George Arredondo, ESL

Birthday:  December 2nd

Restaurants:  Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden

Shopping:  Amazon.com, Starbucks, Target

Sweets:  Jolly Ranchers, sour candy

Salty:  Flaming Hot Cheetos, Nacho Cheese Doritos

Beverages:  Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke

Colors:  blue, grey, black

Teams:  Dallas Cowboys

Hobbies:  eat at restaurants, go to the movies

Supplies:  Bic Velocity Pen-1.6 Black

Wish list:  Mr. Clean Magic Erasers


Jamie Edmondson, Library

Birthday: August 7th

Restaurants:  Chuy's, Pei Wei

Shopping:  Barnes Noble, Amazon, Target

Sweets:  Pretzel M&Ms

Salty:  pretzels, popcorn

Beverages:  water, Snapple

Scents:  Vanilla, Pumpkin

Flowers:  Succulents

Hobbies: Funko Pops

Supplies:  colorful pens, smelly markers


Ann Irvine, Principal

Birthday:  November 8

Restaurants:  Potbelly, anything Italian

Shopping:  Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Northpark

Sweets:  Ghirardelli chocolate squares

Salty:  pretzel crisps or any crackers

Beverages:  Starbucks double tall latte

Colors:  sea and beach colors-blues and greens

Scents:  fresh scents such as lemon and vanilla

Teams:  New Orleans Saints

Flowers:  Love flowers, haven't found one I didn't like

Hobbies:  swim, walk, travel, read

Supplies:  thank you cards


Corinne Dias, Administrative Intern 

Birthday: January 30
Restaurants: Olive Garden, Chili's
Shopping: Kohls
Sweets: Chocolate. Dove
Salty: Nuts
Beverages:Sweet tea
Teams: Cowboys
Flowers: Any
Hobbies: Shop.


Ashley Thompson, Instructional Support Specialist


Blaiming old furniture, yoga


Lee Yap, Nurse

Birthday: April 30

Restaurants:  Olive Garden and La Madeleine

Shopping:  Target and Amazon.com

Sweets:  Tiramisu

Salty:  Veggie Chips

Beverages:  Starbucks Latte

Colors:  Purple and blue

Scents:  Lavender

Flowers:  Hyrdagean

Hobbies: Travelling and gardening

Supplies:  Fine point black pen

Wish list: hand lotion, candle


Joan Patrick, PACE

Birthday: November 30

Restaurants:  Chili's, Jersey Mike's, Salsa's

Shopping:  Target, Bath and Body Works, Amazon

Sweets:  gum, brownies, cookies - I don't eat candy...

Salty:  chips, snack mix, nuts

Beverages:  diet Dr. Pepper, tea, A&W 10

Colors:  purple, lime green

Scents:  warm sweets (caramel, cinnamon) -nothing flowery

Teams:  Cowboys, Rangers

Flowers:  Gerber daisies

Hobbies: photography, play with my dogs, computers, movies

Supplies:  Fun chairs and seats, Cristal Bic; Papermate Flair, any post-its, anything!

Wish list: Plano Nail Bar for pedicure, ?



Brenda Thompson, Physical Education

Sweets:  Chocolate Dark

Salty:  Gluten Free Pretzels

Beverages:  LeCroix cram-raspberry

Colors:  Green

Teams:  Cowboys - Texas Rangers

Flowers:  Hydrangea

Hobbies: Bike, any activity outdoors Antique/junk shopping painting furniture

Supplies:  Thin tip pen

Wish list: Gift card Starbucks


Heather Morse, K-2 Physical Education

Birthday: December 14

Restaurants:  Cheesecake Factory, Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Starbucks

Shopping:  Academy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Nike store, Adidas store, Kendra Scott

Sweets:  Snickers, Big Red Gum, Sweet and Sour Patch Kids

Salty:  Pretzels or Traditional Chex Mix

Beverages:  Coke

Colors:  Black

Scents:  Lavender

Teams:  Plano Wildcats Girls' Soccer

Flowers:  Roses

Hobbies: Spending time with my kids, watching sports especially soccer 

Supplies:  gel pens, Pilot G-2 07, post its,

Wish list: Starbucks


Rachel Barnard, Secretary

Birthday: Jan 4th

Restaurants:  Chuys, On the Border, Macaroni Grill

Shopping:  Target, JCPenney, Kendra Scott

Sweets:  spearmint gum, hot tamales, sweet tarts, 

Salty:  chili cheese fritos, sour cream and onion pringles

Beverages:  cherry coke

Colors:  purple

Teams:  Cowboys

Flowers:  lilies

Hobbies: take photos, mountain bike, collect live, laugh, love items,  

Supplies:  colored pens, ultra fine sharpies, cute sticky notes

Wish list: bath and body works candles 


Cyndie Ward, CTA

Birthday:  June 2

Restaurants:  El Fenix, Dunston's Steak House

Shopping:  Micro Center, Fry's, Amazon-Camera Equipment

Salty:  Sprout's Trail Mix

Beverages:  Coke, water

Colors:  any

Scents:  cinnamon

Teams:  Rangers, anything baseball

Flowers:  roses, peace lily

Hobbies:  photography, computers, sports, cooking

Supplies:  flash drives (no pens!)

Wish List:  a new broadcast camera for KDEN, new KDEN t-shirts for the crew

special education 

Nicole Holland

Birthday: July 30

Restaurants:  Chito's, Rockfish, Chili's 

Shopping:  Target, Michael's, 

Sweets:  Dark chocolate, junior mints 

Salty:  Cheetos, Pringles 

Beverages:  Diet Coke, coffee 

Colors:  Purple, emerald green, 

Teams:  Rangers

Flowers:  Daisy,sunflower 

Hobbies: Redo furniture, swim,paint

Supplies:  Sticky notes, gel pens, highlighters

Krista Benson 

Birthday: Sept 25

Restaurants:  Chuy's, Panera, Ali Baba, Chito's

Shopping:  Central market, Target, Amazon

Sweets:  Lilly's chocolate (stevia)

Salty:  Pork rinds, beef jerky

Beverages:  Bai coconut and coconut lime

Colors:  Aqua, orange, green

Teams:  Mma\ UFC

Flowers:  Lillies

Hobbies:  Reading, crafting

Supplies:  Papermate inkjoy, post its, fun paper clips

Wishlist: Office supplies! 

Jennifer Bishop, Special Education

Birthday: October 26

Restaurants:  La Madeleine

Shopping:  Ann Taylor Loft and Old Navy

Sweets:  red licorice bites or Almond M&Ms

Salty:  Trail Mix

Beverages:  G2 (Gatorade)

Colors:  Black 

Flowers:  Carnations / Mums / Begonias / Impatiens

Hobbies: Jogging, Reading

Supplies:  Pilot G2 Gel Pens, 0.7mm, fun colors


Robin Regan, 5th Grade Resource

Birthday:  September 24

Restaurants:  Gloria's, Central Market, Jason's Deli

Shopping:  Old Navy, Target

Sweets:  Hot Tamales

Salty:  pretzels

Beverages:  Coke Zero

Colors:  orange

Scents:  lavender and vanilla

Teams:  University of Texas Longhorns

Flowers:  Lily

Hobbies:  children's books

Wish List:  Sharpies

Jessica Mowery, 4th grade Resource

Birthday: June 9th

Restaurants:  Chuys, On the Border, Chipotle

Shopping:  Target

Sweets:  Anything with peanut butter

Salty:  Salt and vinegar chips, cheez its

Beverages:  Coffee

Colors:  Pink

Scents:  citrus like lemon or grapefruit

Teams:  Ravens

Flowers:  Gerbera daisy, calla lily

Hobbies: crafts, read, garden, spend time with my family

Supplies:  Bean bags!  colorful pens

Rachel Bobbitt, Special Education Paraprofessional

Birthday: December 26

Restaurants:  BJ's, Uncle Julio's, Hutchins

Shopping:  JC Penney

Sweets:  Anything chocolate

Salty:  Chef mix

Beverages:  Sweet tea, Starbucks- Soy Chai tea latte

Colors:  Green

Hobbies: Hiking, golf, bowling, country dancing

Supplies:  Gel pens


Ginger Drennan

Birthday:  September 29

Restaurants:  All

Shopping:  Wal-Mart

Sweets:  Snicker bars

Salty:  pita chips and roasted red pepper hummus

Beverages:  Dr. Pepper

Colors:  pinks

Scents:  Roses

Flowers:  Roses

Hobbies:  Dallas Morning News Sunday crossword puzzles

Wish List:  Expo markers/Sharpies, blue ink pens


Denise Schneider, 3rd Resource

Birthday: July 14

Restaurants:  mexican, chick fil a, 

Shopping:  target, chicos, marshalls, barnes and noble, 

Sweets:  chocolate, peanut butter, yogart covered nuts or pretzels,

Salty:  nuts, chips, 

Beverages:  coffee, tea, lemonade

Colors:  blue, purple

Scents:  citrus, floral

Teams:  Dallas teams

Flowers:  daisy, rose

Hobbies: photography,cooking, travel, 

Supplies:  anything

Wish list: books for classroom library, primary, gift cards, not picky


Linda Vasquez, Kinder Resource

Birthday: Sept 20

Restaurants:  Olive Garden

Shopping:  Target

Sweets:  chocolate, any

Salty:  almonds, nuts

Beverages:  Sprite

Colors:  silver

Teams:  Rangers

Flowers:  Gladiolus

Hobbies: Bike ride, hike, crafts, art, DIY

Supplies:  books, Target


Jolene Woods, Resource

Birthday: October 14

Restaurants:  Chili's, Sonic, Red Robin

Shopping:  JcPenney, Target, Sephora

Sweets:  Power crunch bars from Vitamin shop

Salty:  I love sour cream and cheddar Lays

Beverages:  Starbucks, diet Sunkist

Colors:  Green

Scents:  Lavender, and fresh rainy smells

Teams:  Gators

Flowers:  I like all flowers and plants

Hobbies: I just like to relax lol

Supplies:  anything

Wish list: Bean bag for class


Kit Leslie, K-2 Special Ed

Classroom Supplies: staples, tape, colored paper, children's scissors, fidget toys, coloring books, board games
Birthday: June 12th
Restaurants:mexican sugar, macaroni grill
Shopping: Target
Sweets: anything chocolate
Salty: popcorn, chips
Beverages: sweet tea, sparkling water
Colors: purple and blue
Scents: vanilla, lavender
Teams: whichever my husband is cheering for
Flowers: anything that's easy to take care of
Hobbies: read, jog, shop
Supplies: colored pens, brightly colored post it notes, poster markers
Wish List: gift cards to eat mexican food and to target

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