We are proud to offer "Fine Arts University" in conjunction with PTA Reflections. Students who are serious about art and learning the different areas of study are encouraged to enroll.


Fine Arts University is a 6 week program on Thursday afternoons at 2:45-4 beginning September 20th and ending October 25th. Fine Arts U is designed to guide the students in creating their own work of art in their Major choice of study with an introduction each week to one of the following areas of fine arts:


Dance Choreography

Film Production


Visual Arts


Enrollment is full so please join us next year!


Want to help? We would love to have any fine arts loving adults help us make this program a success! Email Amber Lee at CreativeKidAdvocate@gmail.com


*Students will be encouraged but not required to enter their work into the free Reflections Art Program. The intention is for the students to have 2 weeks to work on their project so they can easily complete it at home and enter it into Reflections. We desire to take away this duty from parents and allow the students to have a designated time to create an entry for this awesome Art Program and further their creative interests. Deadline for entry is Wednesday November 7th, 2018. Click here see more about the Reflections program.*


Below is a basic outline of the 6 week curriculum. Please email us if you have any questions at CreativeKidAdvocate@gmail.com.


Classes are taught by Amber Lee, Scott Herndon, along with special guests who are also local professionals in their field.

Weeks 1 - 4 - Professionals Teach us Art!

Students will be taught by local professionals in various areas of study. Each week will be a new subject and the students will learn the basics of dance, photography, art, and film production/drama.

Weeks 5&6 - Create Your Own:

Students will work on their projects while mentored in the area of their Major. Direction, supervision, and critique by professional artists will allow the students to have guided work time to create their own project. We will cover the importance of presentation and the students will have completed their work, ready for entry into the Reflections Art Program, or will have significant direction to complete at home.


Community Members

Kevin Nguyen
Main Event (Plano)

Ruth McGuffey

Ms. Katrina Hanna

Mr. Ryan Ellis

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